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Sleep & Dementia: Is There a Connection?

Have you ever woken up from a night of sleep where you just feel like you didn't sleep at all? What about waking up in the morning after getting up multiple times during the night? A good night's rest is extremely important for anyone of age, however, it's now being found that a good night of sleep can also hellp to keep dementia away.

The Value of Listening and Non-Verbal Communications

One of the many human functions affected by the progressive nature of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia is our ability to communicate.

As the Mayo Clinic article, Alzheimer's: Tips for effective communication explains, "Because Alzheimer's disease slowly erodes verbal communications skills, your loved one's words and expfdxxionx might make little or no sense to you. In turn, he or she might have trouble deciphering your words."

Helping Parents Transition to Memory Care

Helping Parents Transition to Memory Care

Deciding to make the transition to a memory care community is rarely easy. Making the decision to transition your parent to a memory care community can be even harder. Many times, the decision to move or even considering a transition can be riddled with guilt and sadness. When parents are suffering from memory loss, they are often unable to make decisions for themselves, and if moving to a memory care community was not something previously spoken about, it can leave you as a caregiver to make this difficult decision for them.

Making the Move to Memory Care Assisted Living

Making the Move to Memory Care Assisted Living

As a loved one’s Alzheimer’s disease or dementia progresses, their need for additional care and supervision may increase. As one of the most challenging aspects of caring for someone with memory loss is actually recognizing when that level of care is needed, it’s important to look for certain signs it may be time to begin considering your options. Though you may want to keep them at home, the level of care that they need cannot always feasibly be obtained in a home setting, and memory care assisted living may need to be considered. 

Should My Aging Parent Move In With Me?

Tips on Making the Move to Memory Care

Making the Move to a Memory Care Assisted Living Community

Making the Move to a Memory Care Assisted Living Community

Is moving to a memory care assisted living community in your loved one’s near future? When it comes time to make the decision on whether or not to make the move, there are many things you may ask yourself. You may wonder if your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia really needs to move to a community. You may not know exactly what signs to look for that indicate the need to move, and when you visit a community, you might not know what makes a community the perfect place for your loved one.

Understanding the Use of Music in Memory Care

It should come as no surprise that music has a profound effect on our lives. Research shows that it can help change our mood, our attitude and our energy level on any given day. People may listen to calming music when they are highly stressed and need to relax, or they may select upbeat songs during exercise or for a boost in energy or spirits.

Memory care researchers and therapists say there is another important use for music – helping to improve the lives of loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Expert Tips to Prevent Your Loved One with Memory Loss from Wandering

Tips for Determining When the Time Has Come for Memory Care Assisted Living

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