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Benefits of Keeping Couples Together In Assisted Living

Keeping Senior Couples Together

From the moment your parents met, they were inseparable. They used to tell you stories about all the things they used to do together and the places they used to go. But now, their differing care needs are making it harder for them to continue the lifestyle they’ve always enjoyed together. A move for mom is imminent, and dad is beside himself because he may have to live apart from her for the first time in years. What do you do when a situation like this occurs? Do you simply allow your parents to be separated or do you find a solution that can keep them together?

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Moments by Erika . . . A Travanse Living Resident

Hi. This is Erika of Moments by Erika. I'm just an inquisitive person, looking for simple ways to be as healthy as I can be. You too? At least a little bit? I look for helpful and easy ways (that make sense), to get and stay healthy!

Tips on Maintaining Essential Flexibility as You Age

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