Maintaining Communication with Memory Care Teams

Having good communication when your loved one is dealing with memory loss is crucial, especially if you are their caregiver. But what happens when you are no longer their caregiver and are entrusting their care to someone else? When a loved one moves to a memory care community, it can be easy to think that you won’t have to worry about anything and that staff members will let you know of any issues they come across, but in order to ensure the best care for your loved one, it’s often a good idea to stay in-the-know and be a partner in their care team.

Tips to Ensure a Successful Dementia Care Visit

Visiting Loved Ones With Dementia: Ensuring a Successful Visit

Successfully visiting loved ones with Memory Loss

When your loved one has dementia, family members can become uncomfortable with the idea of visiting or spending time with their loved one. They may not know what to say or do when they are around them, or they may even feel uncomfortable and intimidated. As unsure as you and other family members may be about visiting your loved one, it’s one of the best things that you can do for them during this trying time, as visiting helps to increase physical, emotional and cognitive well-being.

Tips to Help You Coordinate a Caregiving Team

Tips for Educating the Family About Alzheimer’s Disease

Tips for Educating the Family about Memory Loss

Memory Care Tips for a Successful Visit with a Person with Memory Loss

Memory Care Primer: How to Have a Successful Visit with Someone with Memory Loss

How to Have a Successful Visit with Someone with Memory Loss

“Because of the mental and physical changes that occur in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, many people are hesitant to visit a friend or loved one living with progressive memory loss,” says Lifestyle Specialist, Debbie Waldron-Smithat soon-to-openTravanse Living™ at Grayslake in Grayslake, IL. “While this response is understandable for people who don’t understand the disease and don’t know what to expect, memory care experts say avoiding a friend or relative who is receiving memory care is highly counter-productive.” 

Helpful Tips for Easing the Transition to Senior Living

Tips for a Successful Visit with a Loved One or Friend with Memory Loss


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